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Donna M. Santer, M.D., Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.
Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed by Lauren D Holinger, MD, Robert J. Winter, MD and the AMA

  1. Pathology image of H. influenzae gram stain icon gif
  2. Discussion of H. influenzae (DISCUSSION)
  3. Video of a child with epiglottitis icon gif
  4. Sound of stridor (SOUND)
  5. Miscellaneous image of sonogram of stridor icon gif
  6. Summary of emergency equipment (SUMMARY)
  7. Miscellaneous image of laryngoscope and Magill forceps icon gif
  8. Miscellaneous image of oral airways icon gif
  9. Miscellaneous image of Rusch bags and Venti masks icon gif
  10. Video of epiglottitis - direct visualization icon gif
  11. Discussion of management of acute airway obstruction (DISCUSSION)
  12. Diagram of epiglottitis protocol icon gif
  13. Radiology image of endolateral neck films of epiglottitis - lateral icon gif
  14. Video of epiglottitis - bronchoscopy icon gif
  15. Video of epiglottitis - intubation (VIDEO)
  16. Discussion of endotracheal tube sizing (DISCUSSION)
  17. Video of ventilator icon gif
  18. Video of nebulizer icon gif
  19. Table of HbOC recommendations (TABLE)
  20. Table of characteristic differences between croup and epiglottitis (TABLE)
  21. Summary of causes of an enlarged epiglottis on x-ray (SUMMARY)
  22. Sound of acute epiglottitis key points (SOUND)(SOUND)
  23. References for acute epiglottitis (REFERENCE)

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