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Case 1

Donna M. Santer, M.D., Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.
Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed by Lauren D Holinger, MD, Robert J. Winter, MD and the AMA

A 3-year-old previously healthy male was brought to the emergency room after a 1 day history of high fever. He has not been drinking as much as he usually does,and his parents relate that he has been becoming more restless over the past 2-3 hours. This is how he looks as you begin to evaluate him icon gif .

1. You decide to proceed with a more thorough physical examination of this child. You gently insert a tongue blade into his mouth and see the following icon gif. What is the possible complication of this? (ANSWER)

2. After you have completed your physical examination, you should now: (ANSWER)

3. The child is now in the OR. There has been a discussion between the various members of the management team of the best way to now proceed. The decision is to obtain firstan x-ray. Choose the x-ray with the characteristic findings of this disease process. (ANSWER)

X-Ray A icon gif X-Ray B icon gif X-Ray C icon gif

4. The patient now undergoes bronchoscopy. Choose the characteristic bronchoscopy findings of this disease process. (ANSWER)

Video A icon gif Video B icon gif Video C icon gif

5. What are the best evaluation and treatment procedures that should be carried out now? (ANSWER)

6. What is the best long-term management of this patient? (ANSWER)

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